Monday, May 09, 2005

Why do I care?

Why do I care whether or not people believe in God?

Since we live in a representative democracy what you believe effects the system. People that share similar viewpoints of the majority get elected. Thus, when you believe in God you affect my world and the world of other people that don't agree with you.

Exactly how does someone's belief in God affect me? (the following can and probably will be devoted whole posts)

1) Due to the fact that the bible says that the earth was created in 6 days-- some people are trying to get the "divine creator" theory taught in science classes even though there is no scientific evidence to back it up.

2) Because the bible says (in often very vague terms) that homosexuality is wrong-- our society has decided that it is ok to deny homosexuals equal protection under the law by denying them the right to civilly marry each other. (I think this will be the subject of the next post)

3) People are fighting to remove the use of contraceptives from sex-education programs because the bible in some vague manner leads them to believe that contraception is wrong.

4) Non-believers cannot get elected to office-- which means that illogical beliefs are getting more airtime than logical ones (since i've shown that there is no logical reason to believe a God exists).

5) Many believers think that non-believers are "bad people".

6) I can't buy liquor on Sundays for some reason.

7) Non-believers cannot pledge their allegiance to our country like everyone else without saying something that goes directly against their beliefs.

Plus I think that believing in things without proof is a dangerous habit to be getting into. If you believe in God without proof-- why not believe that Iraq has WMD's or that social security is going to go broke in 7 years without proof? This habit can lead to many other things that could potentially affect the lives of everyone. Be careful where your faith lies.

(Obviously the things listed are not meant to describe every believer.)


Anonymous Lauren said...

None of those things are issues that you and I would disagree on (they're just not important to me). I think, however, that you should not focus on the fact that they beleve in God. The problem lies in people trying to make sure every rule in the Bible is followed completely. What they forget about is grace. Jesus fought the pharisees because they were so consumed by the laws that they forgot the two largest commandments: love the Lord with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. These two commandments leave no room for the condemnation of non-believers or people who don't follow all the rules. I think if more Christians would focus on the main idea, love, then we'd have less of a problem all getting along. One of my fundamentalist friends has called me a hippy for saying that, but I have only found the Bible to encourage love, non-judgement, and forgiveness. I think its ironic how fundamentalist Christians have become exactly like the pharisees that they're own living God was rejected by. They shouldn't be concerned with whether or not gays get married, whether or not people use contraceptives, etc. All they should worry about is whether or not they do those things, and if they want other people to believe in Christ, they should go about it in a more effective, and loving way. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, and I think He would probably hang out with gays and people who use contraceptives also.

9:09 PM  
Blogger spankidiots said...

Lauren, I'm glad that you are one of the good Christians. Keep it up-- now if only we could get the uptight and/or bigoted Christians to be more like you... then I would have no problem!

3:06 AM  

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