Thursday, July 07, 2005

oh yeah... that one guy

Does anyone else remember a guy by the name of Osama bin Laden? He's about 6'6" tall, long gray beard, leader of the group that killed thousands of Americans? Heard of him?

Why the fuck have we not caught him yet?

Why aren't people outraged that we haven't found that bastard?

Why are we devoting all this time, energy and money on Iraq (which has arguably created more terrorists than it has killed) when we haven't even captured the person in charge of the group that has killed Americans and specifically states that its purpose is to kill Americans?

Anybody who argues that the war in Iraq has helped to decrease terror from groups like Al Qaeda is an imbecile. What better way to keep extremist muslims from wanting to kill us than to blow up a country full of muslims without a valid reason? The war in Iraq has hindered the war on terror, not helped it.

If we had not gone to war in Iraq and instead had focused all the same energy, time and money on catching Al Qaeda members-- the rest of the world would still feel sorry for us instead of hating us, American and other allied soldiers would not be dying for an unjustified war, Spanish and English civilians would probably still be alive, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians would still be alive, we would have probably caught Osama and further dismantled Al Qaeda.


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