Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Creatures of Circumstance.

If we aren't responsible for our actions what does this yield?

From the removal of free will from my beliefs I came to realize there is no use in hating anyone. People all act in the way that they feel is best. The reason the man in the pickup truck cut me off today is because, at that moment in time, he thought changing lanes was the best course of action. A simple children's game can explain why it doesn't make sense to hate (blame) this man for his actions:

Why did he cut me off? Because he's a bad driver.
Why? Because he's got bad eyesight.
Why? Because he has macular degeneration.
Why? Because he inherited it.
Why? Because his parents had it.
Why? Because their parents had it.
Why? Because one person, way before his parents, developed the disease.
Why? Because of a random mutation.
Why? Because that's just the way the world is.

So why did the guy in the pickup truck cut me off?
Because that's just the way the world is. When we learn to view every person, including ourselves, as creatures of circumstance we can then view the world with empathy.

Viewing the world empathetically allows for one to feel a deeper connection to the things that surround and influence the course of nature. When one truly feels this connection-- you can come to understand that the things that surround you and influence you are just as much a part of you as any part of your body.

I also came to realize that even though I don't have control over my actions-- this doesn't change the fact that I still don't know what's going to happen next. A life without free will does not take away from the mystery of living. Some people will say that if we don't believe in free will then our lives are pointless-- but that's ludicrous. That's like saying films aren't enjoyable because the ending is already scripted. I like to think of it like we have a front seat to life-- and the things we do and say will have an effect on the rest of the story which is potentially infinite in length-- that's exciting to me!

I can only hope that as our futures reveal themselves that we, as humans, lean more towards our loving, caring and empathetic nature and stray from our vengeful, destructive and wasteful nature.


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