Monday, July 25, 2005

Why exactly are we so pissed off??

Both sides, Republicans AND Democrats, have people that are pissed off about Bush's nomination of John Roberts Jr. to the Supreme Court... and their reasons for being pissed off are just really silly.

That's right people-- Conservatives are upset because Bush chose somebody that the Democrats couldn't get pissed off about and the Democrats are upset because they don't know whether or not they have any reason to be pissed off.

I personally think appointing Roberts was a really smart move by George W. Bush-- perhaps one of the first political moves he has made that hasn't drastically increased the division of our country. Yes, I personally think it sucks that a republican is getting to appoint a Supreme Court Justice-- but there is nothing I can do about it-- Republicans won the election... they get to appoint the justices. I'm just happy that Bush didn't appoint somebody ridiculously controversial like Anne Coulter. That's all we need-- more pointless filibusters.

Who would have thought that the controversy would be that there is not any controversy???

It's ridiculous-- I heard Sean Hannity talking today about how he wishes that Bush had picked somebody that everyone knew for sure was pro-life, anti-gay marriage, and pro-ten commandments on public property. From what I know about GW I'm fairly certain that he wouldn't have selected a justice that was pro-choice or pro-gay marriage (why would he?)... but it's much better for America that the left doesn't have anything concrete to be pissed about (other than the shitty campaign run by Kerry). Some Democrats just don't seem to understand that Bush is the person that gets to nominate the judge-- and no matter what they do... no matter how much they complain... Bush is not going to nominate a liberal. So why waste all this energy? I hate blind party politics.

Everyone should be happy!! -- there is nothing to be pissed off about!!

Liberals, if you want a liberal judge-- get a liberal elected president.
Conservatives, If you want a controversial judge to piss off the democrats and further divide the country-- you're an asshole.


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